Excellence in Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing through Data Sciences

  • What parts of production margins are nibbled by batch losses or unplanned down-time ?
  • What are key process drivers? How to improve process yield or quality?
  • How to detect issues before they arise?
  • How to make process knowledge robust to collaborators turnover?
  • How to get a 360° view on your plant performance?

Hercule at a glance

  • Integrative.APIs and connectors enabling multi-source data integration and curation
  • Smart.Routines for statistical analyses, feature selection, predictive modeling, able to digest thousands of features
  • Tailored.Dedicated dashboard environment for process monitoring, from a generic plant overview down to single quantities with possibility of customizing screens towards different roles / functions
  • Practical.Multi-layered application for flexible deployment on existing infrastructure

Lean implementation process

Extra-value at all levels of your organization

Company Management

  • Improved competitive positioning and profitability: reduces issues and batch losses, increased efficiency.
  • Robust knowledge management, retention and sharing within the organization

R&D / Process development teams

“Digital Twin” for process enhancement and troubleshooting:

  • Insights on drivers of performance and quality
  • Assessment of changes at reduced costs/impacts
  • Design of experiments : prioritisation of tests to be performed

Production manager

Customized dashboards and analyses :

  • Anticipated interventions
  • Actionable results for internal reporting and suppliers interactions
  • Consolidated information, even in case of staff turnover

Quality officer

Enhanced and automated batch release:

  • “Golden batch” as multifactorial reference
  • Consolidated batch overview
  • Trend detection and outlier detection

Process operator

Customized recording and reporting interfaces

  • Meaningfulness of data capture
  • Self-benchmarking for improved practice

Meet your production objectives