Manufacturing the living is complex. When yield, quality and production efficiency of biologics, vaccines, cell and gene therapy are at stake, data science can offer new insights and optimization means.

Why? Industry 4.0:

  • Improve production process :
    • Go from beliefs to facts
    • Detect trends in parameters evolution
    • Detect impact of process changes
    • Identify the most influencing parameters for improving the process
    • « What-if scenarios » / Design of Experiment
  • Continuous Process Monitoring:
    • Detect unusual events
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Make data capture meaningful for operators
  • Get competitive advantage through excellence in manufacturing

What does it mean in practice for your company?

  • We support your QA/QC teams:
    • Views on many different data sources in one place
    • Detection of outlier batches
    • Customized dashboarding and analytics, including setup and use of golden batch comparison
  • We support Business functions:
    • Customized dashboarding and analytics
    • Challenge suppliers quality
  • We support Process improvement / R&D teams
    • Deep insights on drivers of quality and yield
    • Advanced statistics and analytics for biostat teams
    • Possibility of parameter change simulation
  • We support your internal task forces in charge of specific troubleshooting

Based on what data?

  • Any source: LIMS, ERP, MES, EMS, …
  • Any data type: CoA, Raw materials QC, Process data, environment data, Lab data, in-process/sensor data, … continous, discrete data, categorical or time-based.


Meet your production objectives