The “Caring Entrepreneurship Fund” initiative arises from the finding that, in our market economies, business start-ups, especially in the field of health and welfare, are a key motive force for development and progress to overcome unsatisfied medical needs and the ageing of the population. In this context, guiding young entrepreneurs in the steps they take, by making the accumulated experience, networks and financial resources available to them is not only a moral duty, but also a contribution to social progress. This is why the “Caring Entrepreneurship Fund” aims to stimulate entrepreneurial initiative in the fields of health, well-being and living conditions, and support for patients and their families. In particular, the Fund will support concrete, practical initiatives, which are likely to have multiplier effects and boost social, scientific or cultural innovation. It has been launched in particular following the redundancies at UCB at the beginning of 2009. The Caring Entrepreneurship Fund supports DNAlytics since October 2012.