DNAlytics is a Spin-Off company of the Universite catholique de Louvain. In particular, DNAlytics originated from the Computing Sciences pole (INGI) of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM). One of the two DNAlytics co-founders, Prof. Pierre Dupont, is heading the UCL’s Machine Learning Group (MLG). DNAlytics thus has strong links with academic research in Machine Learning and Computing Sciences. UCL also has a large Medicine faculty. Several collaborative projects between the MLG and the Medicine faculty contributed to the relevance of the spin-off project. DNAlytics also maintains strong links with the latter.

The Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO) closely accompagnied (and still supports today) the development of DNAlytics. The LTTO is composed of the Research Administration (ADRE) of the UCL, and Sopartec SA.