Rheumatology: RheumaKit

RheumaKit is a set of tools for the management of patients with arthritis, enabling differential diagnosis with RheumaKit-Dx, patient monitoring and clinical studies management with RheumaKit-Timeline (for rheumatologist) and RheumaKit for Patients (mobile application), as well as treatment response prediction / theranosis with RheumaKit-Tx.



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RheumaKit-Dx: Differential diagnosis

RheumaKit-Dx is a differential diagnosis tool for patients with undifferentiated arthritis. Its main benefits are to detect earlier patients with rheumatoid arthritis, so as to initiate their treatment as early as possible, and on the other hand, to avoid the initiation of a non-adequate treatment for other patients.
RheumaKit-Dx combines very advanced technologies: a transcriptomic analysis…

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RheumaKit-Tx: Treatment response prediction

RheumaKit-Tx: Treatment response prediction / theranostic applications The RheumaKit team is also currently developing tools for explicit treatment response prediction in the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the same time, the tool can also be included in pharmaceutical or biotech companies clinical trials regarding biological DMARDs validation, nicely combined to the data mining expertise of…

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Rheumakit eHealth & mHealth solutions

RheumaKit-Timeline Beta: Patient monitoring and clinical studies management RheumaKit-Timeline allows the recording of a broad range of criteria and scores (diagnosis or disease activity) for each patient separately, nicely arranged in a timeline. Treatments informations are logged as well, for an objective, detailed and effective patient follow-up. Two examples are provided below. The first one…

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Rheumakit : lab availability

Biogazelle lab is open from Monday to Friday (closed during the WE). Please avoid to send sample the day before closing period. Biogazelle lab will be closed from Monday 25/12/2017 until Friday 29/12/2017 During 2018, Biogazelle lab will be closed on following week days: Monday    01/01/2018 Monday    02/04/2018 Tuesday    01/05/2018 Thursday    10/05/2018 Friday    11/05/2018 Monday    21/05/2018 Wednesday  …

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