DNAlytics offers a tailored and on-demand consultancy service in data mining for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and IVD companies, as well as academic medical, biological or clinical research laboratories. As an introduction to what we do, we suggest watching the following short video on the right.

We suggest reading the following case studies. They feature different data production technologies as well as various medical areas and needs. Although perhaps not explicit from the start, most of these examples target each of the following three objectives:

  1. Build and validate predictive solutions
  2. Identify a small set of relevant markers from a vast set of possible markers
  3. Prototype software applications making those solutions available to practitioners

Through most of our project, we use software elements that combine publicly available code and our own code library. A part of our website is dedicated to relevant software elements developed and/or maintained at DNAlytics.

Biogazelle & DNAlytics biomarker discovery and validation platform Unlock the potential of +80,000 candidate biomarkers

Biogazelle & DNAlytics offer an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker panel discovery (multigene signature)to the development of a clinical-grade test. In this partnership, Biogazelle coordinates the projects and manages all data production aspects while DNAlytics provides guidance and implements data analysis and modeling aspects. This RNA biomarker discovery and validation program comprise 3 phases (shown…

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In this example, we explain how we design a solution to replace repeated liver biopsy with a simple blood sampling for children with liver grafts.

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In this example, discover how we combine our customer’s biomarkers with clinical information to optimize its own customers’ clinical trials in osteoarthritis drug development.

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In this example, discover how we designed a response prediction tool for an oncology therapeutic vaccine developed by a big pharma company.

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In this example, we show how we design smart and effective web-based stratification tools for patient allocation to arms of a clinical trial in order to avoid confounding factors impact.

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Clinical trial support

We are no CRO as such, but we bring to your clinical trial just the smart touch when it comes to data-related tasks. Sample size? Data type and nature? Randomization/Stratification? Data management? Statistical Analysis Plan conception and implementation? We help!

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