Be it for drug development, clinical research, biomarker identification, predictive or precision medicine, data science can boost your projects and reinforce your team’s expertises and resources.

Typical applications include:

  • Clinical development: 
    • enhance clinical trials by smart stratification or screening strategies;
    • Identify subpopulations at risk of adverse events or likely to respond more to a treatment;
    • Combine databases of multiple related studies to increase statistical power;
  • Research & Development:
    • rapidly get insight on sets of genes or proteins: what is known about them individually?
    • Are they known for clinically-impactful mutations?
    • In what metabolic pathways are they known to play together?
    • What existing drugs are targeting them (or close relatives)?
  • Diagnostics, prognostics, theranostics:
    • build new multivariate decision-support tool to make more accurate, earlier and more efficient decisions.

Some practical examples:

We also partner with other technology providers for one-stop-shop solutions: